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Marketing agency

Partner Center

Tsvttochnaya, 2

196084, Saint Petersburg, Russia

Phone\Fax: 007(812) 318-5626

Parcenter.ru, партнерцентр.рф, office@parcenter.ru


Company presentation

We propose business cooperation in the field of customer acquisition and product promotion in the Saint Petersburg and Leningrad district markets. Using our capacities you can improve the efficiency of your commercial activities, advertizing and PR campaigns. The main purpose of our company consists in providing our partners with a whole range of productive solutions in the sphere of trade marketing, outstaffing and PR. Our activities comprise a full range of services, from the concept formulation to the accomplishment.

Our services are, as follows:


  • On-site merchandising (prices starting from 149 rur per hour)
  • Field merchandising
  • Combined merchandising
  • Merchandising by category
  • Merchandising adviser’s service delivery
  • On-site merchandising in the grocery stores and hardware stores
  • Merchandising service delivery throughout the whole Russia



  • Promotional materials distribution
  • Sampling (sales sample distribution)
  • Gift with purchase
  • Sales assistants
  • Store demonstrations
  • Exhibition, exposition and shows accompanying activities
  • Customer loyalty programs
  • Free samples and handout distribution
  • Rebate and discount programs
  • Gift range offers
  • Organization of contests and drawings
  • Promotional campaigns



  • Ghost shopper
  • Agency audit
  • Share of market and window-display calculations
  • Representation monitoring
  • Marketing activities performance analysis
  • Field staff performance analysis



Reports according to the client’s report form

  • Photo-report
  • SWOT analysis
  • Calculation of the project efficiency

In the course of our activities we’ve gathered a solid experience in communication projects realization. Our professional have implemented and verified the effectiveness of our marketing technologies.

From the very beginning, in the stage of agency founding, we’ve defined the main principles on the basis of which we perform our work.

Our principles of work performance are as follows:

We’re geared to the highest quality standards in marketing;

Careful and intensive project concept developing with due account to the client’s interests;

Efficient and prudent management of financial, organizational and technical resources;

Intake of the experienced staff only;

All-round quality control of the service accomplishment;

Creative approach to the stereotype problem solutions that enable the achievement of the overplan results.

And, finally, there is one more crucial principle of the relations with our clients – openness and transparency. The main stages of the campaign preparation are exposed to acquaintance and control by the client. Such an approach enables our partners to be always in touch with the preparation process and performance.


We are aiming a long-term partnership relation.

Reliability and performance efficiency are our main advantages.

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